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Inflatable SUP Introduction
Inflatable SUP Advantages
Inflatable SUP




1.Stand up paddle boarding has not been a convenient sport until now.The option of inflatable SUPs will make it much easier
for traveling.

2.I am really excited about this news. I tried out paddle boarding and absolutely loved it! But I dont live close to the beach
and don’t have the proper car to transport a huge board. These inflatable SUPs sound great for beginners too. I might be
getting my kids and husband involved now.

3.Light, easy to store and transport – inflatable stand up paddle boards are cheaper than rigid paddle boards.

4.Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards can be folded up for easy traveling. Deflated, it fits into a backpack,
and is even small
and light enough to carry on an airplane. Once you arrive at your destination, you can quickly inflate your SUP with the
hand piston pump and be on the water in no time.

5.Because all boards are soft around. So we can practice yoga and gymnastics on it. Very easy and comfortable.

6.Don't care the stone to damage boards because the board reinforcement is very strong. Even the board is air leak then you can use glue to repair damage very fast and easily. We provide a repair kit for each board and you can repair board very fast by yourself.



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